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The cherry lime hybrid is a unique hybrid cannabis strain. It is neither a sativa or indica strain since its sativa/indica ration is 60:40. The hybrid strain is a result of crossing the Cherry lime haze and sweet cross strain. It is just slightly more towards the sativa side given its slightly skewed ratio. It should be noted that this is a rare clone only strain and cannot be found naturally. It has very high THC, CBN and CBD levels (26.76, 1.13 and 3.95% respectively). The only confirmed medicinal use of this strain is the treatment of various types of anxieties and depression. The high achieved is mellow in the beginning but as more smoke is inhaled, it makes the smoker feel relaxed and provides an elated feeling of happiness. The only distinguishable aroma of the cherry lime hybrid is, as the name suggests, of cherry. When inhaled, the smoke is warm and smooth. The taste is mostly fruity.


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