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Reefer Madness Grinder


Get back to the grind with your very own part of the madness!

Available while supplies last.

Reefer Madness Lighter


The Reefer Madness Lighter was designed from the ground up to provide the elite smoking connoisseur with the precise amount of butane per light offering unmatched smoking pleasure.


Just kidding.


But it is so much more than just a branded lighter:

-Show support for your favorite band by holding it in the air.
-Find your path in the dark.
-A functional reminder of your visit to Denver.
-A functional reminder that you live in Denver.
-Test if the wind is very strong by holding it up in the air while lit, if it blows out, the wind is strong.

With a default color in red, an alternate color may be selected.

Reefer Madness Pint Glass


Pour yourself a high quality beverage in this high quality Reefer Madness Pint Glass!

Available while supplies last.

Reefer Madness Rolling Tray


A flat surface that’s yours alone, or to share if you’re into that sort of thing.

A flat surface like this is almost a commodity.

On top of being flat, as if this wasn’t enough, this surface has crafted edges to help keep the stuff on the surface; on the surface.

We’re calling it the Reefer Madness Rolling Tray.

You should probably call it “yours.”

Reefer Madness Zip Up Hoody for Women


Woman’s ZIP-UP Hoody

Made with 100% cotton, show off your madness!

Unisex Reefer Madness Baseball Tee



Made with 100% cotton, show off your madness!


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